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About Us- Aggcrafts London

Agg Crafts sells handmade outfits and decorations that are perfect for smash cakes, first birthdays, photo shoots and creating memories that you’ll cherish forever. Celebrate your child’s milestones with party décor, accessories and handcrafted DIY products.

Agg Crafts was founded in 2014, and our company is passionate about special handcrafting items. If you’re tired of finding the same old thing in store aisles, you won’t have to worry about that here. We don’t mass-produce anything, which allows us to take our time with each item and ensure top-notch quality. We treat each creation with love and care, because it’s as special to us as it will be to you. After all, we know it’s not just any outfit, not just any birthday. It’s for your child, your home, your memories. And those are special to us, too.

Our company is located in London, United Kingdom, but we offer shipping all around the world. We started our business because we are dedicated to making crafts by hand. Our love for children fueled the idea behind our products, and there was simply nothing better than seeing children enjoy our completed creations. We tried our products on our own kids before we went public, and we received so many compliments that we simply had to expand to an online store. Now, Aggcrafts London offers a place for parents to find the perfect outfits and accessories to plan a whole event worthy.

Aggcrafts London’ core value is excellence in all we do. We are passionate about our creations and dedicate ourselves to customer service. We are here for you every step of the way, from browsing, to purchasing, to delivery. We enrich customers’ lives through fashion with our beautiful collections. What sets us apart from other companies is our continuous dedication to improvement. We are constantly evolving, introducing new products and bringing more fun items that everyone will love.

Agg Crafts is known for fun, contemporary crafts that turn every moment into a special one. Your kids will always be photo-ready with our items; they exemplify beauty with perfection. In the future, we plan to work with new brands and expand past our clothing. You can look forward to the introduction of handmade home décor, paper crafts, wooden creations and more!